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Save Your Trees with Deadwood Removal

Dead limbs can pose a threat to an entire tree.  They can become a breeding ground for disease and rot. Get your deadwood removed by calling Woodlawn Tree Service today.

Tree branches die for a number of reasons. When a tree limb dies, not only does it create a safety hazard, but it also threatens the life of the tree.


Call our tree experts to safely and efficiently remove the deadwood and promote the long-term health of your trees! Contact us at 703-780-8040.

Protect your tree's health

Remove the deadwood on your tree today and save money in the long-term by calling Woodlawn Tree Service.


We offer FREE estimates on deadwood removal. Your satisfaction is our priority and you don't pay us until you're fully satisfied.

We also guarantee all of our work!

FREE estimates on deadwood removal

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