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"Woodlawn Tree Service is dedicated to maintaining both the beauty of your landscape, and the financial value of your home, by skillfully caring for your trees and shrubs."

-Jim Nelson, Owner

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Get Reduced Your Tree's Crown Properly

Don't be fooled. When it comes to thinning your tree properly, topping is never the proper solution. Call the experts at Woodlawn Tree Service today at 703-780-8040.

When trees grow old and their limbs grow thick, they can become a safety hazard. Overgrown trees can blow over in the wind and can cause severe damage.


Make sure your tree is properly trimmed without sacrificing its natural aesthetic by calling the licensed arborists of Woodlawn Tree Service. Call 703-780-8040 for a FREE estimate today.

Thin your trees without losing appeal

Tree topping is the practice of completely removing parts of the top of a tree that are too small to regrow.


Tree topping is bad for long-term health and appeal of your tree. Trust the experts at Woodlawn Tree Service for the tree thinning services, who never do the tree toppings.

We thin trees; not top them

Fully licensed and insured arborist.


Emergency service is always available 24/7.